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"LáDeia is a strategic thinker, a compassionate activist, and one of the kindest spirits I have had the pleasure of working with.

I have partnered with LáDeia to serve as a panelist for community conversations addressing HIV and women’s wellness.

She has a great way of identifying the nuanced perspective missing from our cultural conversations and digging deep to find the perfect words to fill it. She brings a dynamic energy to the table right from the start, every single time.

Furthermore, LáDeia’s positive attitude makes our work together enjoyable. She always encourages our team and provides support as we develop every session. I’ve witnessed what LáDeia can do firsthand, and I recommend her without hesitation!”

D. Danyelle Thomas

Founder, Unfit Christian

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"LáDeia was one of the most requested guest speakers in my Grow with Google workshops.

I was looking for a speaker who could help people transform their actions. LáDeia is a natural motivator and her speaking style is engaging. She shared with my audience how they can audit, grow and protect their energy in order to be more effective at work or home! I’ve had several people tell me that LáDeia’s talk motivated them to take care of themselves better. She is one of the highest-rated speakers that I’ve introduced to my audience on the Grow with Google platform. I can’t wait to have LáDeia as a guest speaker again!”

Dana James Mwangi

Branding and Web Consultant
Tennessee Grow with Google Digital Coach

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From compelling non-profit founder to confident fashionista, LáDeia is the modern day activist we all need to know. Through her online presence, LáDeia brings truth and light to the miseducation of HIV and its stigma in the Black community, while centering cisgender Black women. She’s living out loud with an HIV diagnosis while using the power of storytelling and transparency to embolden women, irrespective of status, from all walks of life to do the same. A proud member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated. Her formal education includes music industry business, communications and marketing. She is the spicy combination of Memphis faith, Atlanta flare and Brooklyn fire.

LáDeia Joyce is the soulful and creative brand and business marketing professional and founder of the non-profit organization, The Positive Experience. She is also the face and heart of her personal brand and community movement, LáDeia Joyce. Joyce uses her experience, expertise, and energy to bring knowledge, empowerment, and awareness to communities most affected by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and its stigmas in Black culture. She gleans her most effective marketing strategies from decades of branding, marketing, and communicating the mission and vision of notable brands such as FedEx, Verizon Wireless, Hennessy, Roxul, and MasterCard.

Over the last five years, LáDeia has positioned herself as the ear and voice of awareness and accountability for proactive and prolific health care for Black women in the area of sexual health, HIV and AIDS screening, and viable treatment for women living with an HIV diagnosis. Leading the movement from vision to voice, LáDeia is committed to shifting the narrative around HIV education from a secretive stigma to a steadfast sound of positive awareness.

After becoming the face of a national campaign that debuted during the Emmys in 2019, LáDeia continues her mission to promote a positive outlook on Black women living with HIV. She is known for being the face of success after the diagnosis. With her signature mantra, “die empty”, LáDeia is putting forth her grandest effort to change the world and change the word on HIV.

LáDeia believes that one voice can change the vision, and she has set out to be the catalyst. The Positive Experience is a non-profit organization created to bring education and empowerment to Black women from Memphis to Miami. LáDeia strategically curated a team of dedicated and determined individuals who are ready to take the message of “being positive isn’t negative” around the world.

LáDeia earned her undergraduate degree in Music Industry Business and Communication from The University of Memphis; and her Masters degree in Business Administration from Strayer University in 2011. She is a graduate of the Building Leaders of Color Bootcamp Training Institute, and the Black Women’s Biomedical ambassador for Black AIDS Institute. She is a proud member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. and has dedicated 23 active years to the organization. She is the International Domestic Partnership Strategist of the Zeta Phi Beta Sorority. She is also a member of Junior League of Memphis. In her free time is a cyclist, avid traveler, and cultural foodie.

"Thought provoking, unadulterated truth, and candid are all words to describe the message delivery of LáDeia.

The women in attendance left Between Us Girls more knowledgeable not only about HIV prevention but armed with strategies to navigate their personal lives to decrease the risk of HIV transmission. LáDeia was able to meet the women where they were in a non- assuming and nonjudgmental way that allowed the information being shared to be more palatable. She is definitely a speaker to have if you desire a nontraditional approach of connecting people and public health.”

Nakesha Powell

Black Women's Health Imperative / Own Our Own Terms Project Director

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